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CAT Scan!
2008-12-03 15:31:42

I went in for a CAT scan today so the doc can figure out how bad the fracture is in my shoulder. I had visions of a claustrophobic coffin with lots of noise and lights. Turns out it was easier than an X-ray.

It went down like this: lay down, put your other arm over your head, kick back, and they move the table back and forth a few times. You hear this prerecorded baritone voice say, "hold your breath" and then a few seconds later, "breathe." Then you're done.

As opposed to the X-ray tech who keeps saying, "Turn a little further to the right, okay now left, now up, stand really still... I'll be back in a few..." then repeat three times in three different positions. I swear they should just put big spots of color on the wall and spin the dial, "right hand, red!"

I should hear back tomorrow about what they want to do. The only thing I'm really disappointed about is that I didn't get to see the results of the scan. I'm hoping they let me peek before the surgery...

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