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Follow up to the shoulder injury
2008-12-02 15:32:59

The surgeon's office is very nice, disturbingly nice. I suppose that sports injuries not only pay better than rheumatoid arthritis, but it's probably easier to deal with people with very specific injuries than a GP deals with. A happy workplace is a productive workplace...

Anyhow, no prodding this time, and no "move your arm this way" exercises. Just a quick chat, then into the X-ray room and then a discussion about the injury with nice crisp X-Rays on the computer screen (so much for the sound of the fluorescent light and the unfurling of plastic slides).

Turns out that I didn't tear it. And it probably wasn't dislocating the way I felt it was -- although it probably was dislocated when I fell, and the other two times. But, it turns out I broke the damn thing.

X-rays all pretty much look alike to me, so I'm not entirely sure what I broke. I think it's the scapula. No matter what, there's a nice crack in it that opens up to a big crack at the bottom. They want to do a CAT scan (not MRI) to see exactly how extensive the crack is before going in, but they are going in.

As I understand it, they'll either pin it or suture some tissue up around it to make sure the bone comes back into place and heals properly. They want to do it soon (it's been three weeks already) to get it in place as soon as possible.

Should be a great Christmas...

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