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Race to Witch Mountain
2009-01-04 12:38:26

We went to see a really great film last night -- Australia. Stylized, well written, a little over the top, good movie making. And as we left the theater, I saw a big cardboard display for... the much anticipated Race to Witch Mountain.

I remember Escape to Witch Mountain, heck I remember Return from Witch Mountain, and I remember watching them because I was a kid and I would watch anything.

I'm sure it's going to be all the buzz in Hollywood and online, after all we have Dewayne "The Rock" Johnson in the Eddie Albert's role, and I always equate those two in the same roles. I can't wait to see the Rock's version of Green Acres.

I find it odd how the Rock has gone from wresting to the Scorpion King to being in heartwarming kids films. But, then Hollywood isn't exactly predicable that way. My guess is that he had a couple kids of his own -- Eddie Murphy suddenly started doing Doctor Dolittle and Nutty Professor once he had a couple kids.

I'm sure Hollywood will do just fine with this, look for the X-Box game where you get to make the Winnebago fly (although I'm guessing it will be a Hummer in this version). And I'm sure the DVD sales will mean a new generation of kids saying, "Wow, that really sucked... wanna watch it again?"

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