What is Conquent?




Conquent started 10 years ago working primarily on web development projects. Over the years the company has worked on projects in every major business vertical including medical, land use, automotive, health and fitness, financial services, accessibility compliance, and franchising, just to name a few.

Our employees, contractors and vendors have been fantastic at bridging the concepts of different industries and getting the job done. Those talented people have come together to form a team to figure out how to solve the challenges we all seem to have in our different industries.

What we discovered is that much of what we do is the same, whether we're building a website or a house, there are project goals, infrastructure needs, and resource management, and, more importantly, professional skills that are constantly changing as the project evolves.


To that end, we've created a brand model that allows all of our different skills to come under one roof. We have started with basic websites for these divisions:

The divisions are independent businesses, but the web sites allow us to share content and project work. For example the "articles" section is a shared blog. So if you go to:

you'll see Michael Bissell's missive on people slow paying and causing a different kind of credit crisis. The same blog can be found on http://johnbissell.com/blog a little ways down the list.


We all have insights into different aspects of business and this model lets us share those insights and create stronger divisions. We not only share content and experience the divisions, but everyone who works with Conquent gets a bio page:

This means that when pitching the project to the prospect, our Web division was able to easily include John's resume as part of the team for the DOT project; it gives the individual divisions the flexibility of a small company, but the resources of a much larger organization.

Being involved

At the end of the day our primary goal is to successfully complete projects. It doesn't matter if the people performing the work are prinicpals, W2 employees or 1099 contractors -- our clients have a single source solution, and our team has the flexibility to get the job done.

We're picky about who we work with, so before anyone gets a Bio, we go through a "vetting" process, assuring our partners and clients that whoever you see with the Conquent is going to be able to get the job done.

For example, a sales person could represent Conquent's resources as a member of the team as a 1099 contractor. These projects would be managed by one of our divisions, and they could bill consulting services to Conquent from his private consultancy on top of the profit margin in the project.

That sales person could evolve into a Division owner, with the benefits and risks of owning a company. Conquent, Inc. is still invovled with the division, and we have a process to bring those into the fold.

The main goal is letting people work in their own way, and find their best position. Not everyone wants the responsibility of running a company, but everyone should be rewarded for their efforts in helping a company grow.

Want to learn more? Contact Us and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.